I'm very much looking forward to exhibiting new work in a show titled New Geometry II at Fred Giampietro Gallery in New Haven CT this coming February 2018. The opening is scheduled for February 10, 6-8PM. More details later. Parkway, the piece shown here is one of the works to be shown.

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Putting the finishing touches on several of the pieces I'll be showing with Mark Wethli and Cassie Jones at Icon Contemporary Art, 19 Mason St, Brunswick ME. All are welcome to attend the opening on Saturday Sept. 16 4-6PM. The show runs Sept 16- Oct 14, 2017.

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Studio view June 2017. The work in the foreground is from sophomore year Kenyon College 1982. This really is the piece that started it all for me. I was encouraged by my professor Martin Garhardt to enter it in an all campus juried show. Not only was it accepted into the show but also won the sculpture prize and $25! Anyway, I was completely shocked, surprised, and of course excited by this support. Later in the year I decided to major in studio art and that was that.

The work in the rear is a new, nearly finished piece as I concentrate on making some smaller stuff.  

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A few months ago I decided to explore a new construction technique. The main aspect of this has been the addition of texture to my forms. I can see myself jumping back and forth between this and my solid form construction.

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When Duane Paluska called to ask if I would like to show my painting "Donnie's Ripen Rite" in an upcoming show at Icon Gallery in Brunswick ME, I said thank you but wanted to think about it. A few hours later I called back to say yes, absolutely, let's do it. My hesitation had to do with the fact that I have not painted since 2010 and am thoroughly immersed in sculpture right now. Anyway, I'm glad Duane is a link to a very thoughtful and insightful review by Dan Kany:


This is a new piece I'm nearly finished with. In this work I added a concave curve, albeit a small, gentle one. In other news, I am very pleased to say that I have been offered a solo show at the University of Maine Museum of Art in May 2018. Very much looking forward to it. 

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Come one come all! The opening for 3 Galleries. 8 Walls. is this Thursday July 14, 6-8PM at Corey Daniels Gallery in Wells, ME. Looks to be a fantastic show of many of the gallery artists, assembled and installed via the exceptional eye of Corey and Co.

Photo credit: Corey Daniels

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This is a new wall work I just delivered to Corey Daniels Gallery in Wells, ME. I've titled it Square Rigger. I keep seeing a sailboat shape when I look at it, hence the title.

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My latest, still to be finished, probably will do a simple clear coat which will darker and warm the piece. This is my first sculpture to use more than one type of wood in a single piece. By introducing the walnut to the oak which I normally use, I now have some geometry or additional shapes within the overall form. I'm liking this new thread in addition to my recent concentration on constructing wall works.

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